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French and U.S. Employment Laws: Vive La Difference!

As Sindy packs for France, I find myself daydreaming about the viability of taking our business across the pond. A quick internet search leads me to two conclusions: (1) we wouldn’t have a clue because the laws are so drastically different and (2) our employer clients should feel very fortunate to be located here in the U.S., even in [...]

Teen Work Rules

With summer approaching, employers and parents alike are asking about the rules governing the employment of teens. (Having a 15 year old daughter with a sudden passion for international travel, I am particularly interested in the topic.) The regulations set forth in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4109  include a number of requirements that employers in particular need to be [...]

Younger Workers Facing Age Discrimination?

Traditionally, older workers have feared for their jobs during uncertain economic times. It appears, however, that younger workers should be more concerned.  The unemployment rate for employees between the ages of 25 and 34 was 9.6% in April 2009, up from 4.9% a year earlier. For those ages 55 and older, the unemployment rate was 6.2% in April [...]

The Employee Free Choice Act – Employers are not Entirely Helpless

That’s the message I walked away with after attending Korman Jackson & Krantz’ recent employment law breakfast briefing. While employers wish it weren’t so, it is likely that some form of the EFCA will pass, making it easier for unions to organize. But employers need not stand by helplessly. Now is the time to assess [...]

The Courts May Decide if Employers can be Voyeurs

Former employees of Houston's are suing the restaurant for violating federal wiretapping laws and for breach of privacy after they were fired for their musings on a password-protected MySpace page.

Are Employers Facing Exposure to Discrimination Claims by Going On-Line?

According to a recent NPR piece, one out of five employers are trolling social network sites like Facebook and My Space to check out potential employees. And why not? On-line name searches and profiles on social media sites reveal all kinds of information that can be help vet potential employees. (Is it understandable that a [...]