The importance of investigator neutrality

When a workplace investigator is engaged to look into a complaint such as discrimination or harassment, it is absolutely critical that the investigator be -- and appear to be -- a neutral party.

Workplace investigations: the best of the best

One of the presentations focused on avoiding legal landmines. It provided great tips on staying in control of the investigation, including dealing with difficult and uncooperative witnesses.

Investigation tip: how to respond when the complainant wants their lawyer present

By the time an employee makes an internal complaint, there is often the real possibility of legal liability (think harassment, discrimination, and the like). Not surprisingly, then, said employee may have already retained a lawyer. So what should you do if the employee says she wants her lawyer present when you interview her as part of the investigation?

AWI Cleveland Circle meets tomorrow

The Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) is the leading national organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of workplace investigations. I'll be kicking off the Cleveland Circle tomorrow.