On Monday, I blogged about the termination of Debrahlee Loranzana, who was allegedly fired from Citibank for being distractingly good-looking.  According to recent reports, she now faces possible termination from her new employer, J.P. Morgan Chase.  Chase is apparently threatening to terminate Loranzana for speaking out publicly against her former employer.  Her public appearances, including the morning talk-show circuit, are said to unfairly bash the banking industry and allegedly violate Chase’s code of conduct.    

Chase would be wise to slow down, consult with counsel, and consider the legal implications of firing Lorenzana for speaking out against her former employer.  Firing an employee for what could be considered opposing sex discrimination smacks of retaliation.  And we all know what juries think of employers who retaliate.  Just recall the 2008 Cuyahoga County jury verdict of over 40 million for a single plaintiff alleging retaliation for opposing unlawful discrimination.