I am a proud member of AWI, the Association of Workplace Investigators.  AWI is a national organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing the quality of workplace investigations.  AWI is an incredible resource for those of us in the world of workplace investigations.  It holds an annual conference (and I was fortunate enough to speak at last year’s conference in L.A.) and training opportunities throughout the year.  AWI is holding its first non-California Training Institute in Mystic, Connecticut on May 4-8, 2015.  The Institute, put on by a nationally recognized expert faculty, is a great opportunity for anyone looking to shore up their skills, including:

  • New and seasoned investigators
  • Attorneys, HR professionals, private investigators, security
  • Professionals from private and public sectors
  • Internal employee investigators of organizations
  • Outside, third-party investigators

Conference Highlights Include:

  • 5 days of highly interactive curriculum
  • Faculty to student ratio of one-to-six
  • Participation in a full-day mock investigation
  • Understanding the legal framework and defining issues and creating a strategy
  • Avoiding bias
  • Interviewing and dealing with difficult witnesses
  • Determining credibility
  • Report writing
  • Participants receive a certificate of completion.

The early registration deadline for the Connecticut Institute is February 15, 2015.

For more info or to register, go to the AWI website www.aowi.org or contact admin@aowi.org.