Employers are asking how to keep employee morale and motivation up in the face of pay-cuts, lower (or no) bonuses and continued pressure to keep costs down.  One of the most effective ways of keeping employees happy is RECOGNITION. Employee recognition shows employees that their work is valued and appreciated, which is key to morale, motivation and retention. Not only does an employee recognition program generate results for the people who win awards, but it also tends to increase productivity and drive employees to give their most to the company.award

An effective employee recognition program must have at least three components: (i) fairness (ii) visibility and (iii) consistency. To be fair, a program must not favor one employee over another, merely because of his or her position within the organization, or his relationship with his supervisor. Making certain that a program is highly visible helps to ensure consistent implementation. Consistency ensures credibility, which is crucial to a program’s success.

While the creation of an employee recognition program warrants more attention than we can provide here, we can offer some low-cost and no-cost ideas for awards:

  • A reserved parking space
  • “Top Achiever” recognition on the company intranet or newsletter
  • Pizza party or ice cream for a high-achieving group
  • An extra paid day off
  • A trophy or plaque
  • Movie passes
  • Gift certificates to local restaurants or stores

As the holiday season and year-end approach, now is the perfect time to design and implement an employee recognition program.