As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, NPR had a lot to say about workplace issues yesterday.  I caught some of the World Have Your Say program yesterday, which was on the topic of religious accommodations at work.  One caller described not being able to work on Sundays so that she could attend church and worship as part of her Christian faith.  She described workplace harassment, as her co-workers thought they too should not have to work on Sundays.  Why should she get special treatment, after all?  And why was her religious endeavor more important than whatever they had going on on Sundays?

I was surprised to hear this topic discussed on World Have Your Say, which typically covers topics of debate and international interest.  After all, what the caller described was straight out of Title VII Religious Discrimination “don’ts.”  Yes, that’s right, people with sincerely held religious beliefs are entitled to special treatment (aka accommodations) based on those beliefs.  Doesn’t matter if Football Sunday is your favorite day of the week and watching the game feels like a near-heavenly experience for you.  The person who wants to go to church wins.

It’s 2012 and people still so misunderstand this aspect of Title VII.  That tells me more employers should be training on this!