Sindy recently published her first book, RADI8: Using the Practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine.  It is a modern yogi’s take on the relevance of ancient yoga philosophy.

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Praise For Radi8

It has been my pleasure to watch as Sindy has led her yoga community with passion and skill.  In her new book Sindy’s inspired understanding of Yoga and education come together to make the ancient teachings of the Yoga Sutras come alive for the 21st century reader.

Rolf Gates, author and yoga teacher

Yoga has so much more to offer us than simply sweating and stretching on a sticky mat. Sindy shows you how yoga can also be a catalyst to heal, transform, and shift your state so that you’re living your life with more self-love and possibility.  Although yoga philosophy can be heady and intimidating, Sindy has a rare gift of making it personal and relatable.

Amy Ippoliti, author, yoga teacher, earth activist

As a beginner yoga practitioner, I’ve often wondered how other yogis could radiate such inner calm when I feel like a whirling Tasmanian she-devil much of the time.  Now I know their secret; they RADI8!  Written in clear, crisp prose and lively language, yoga teacher Sindy Warren shares her eight path-practice on how we all achieve our own inner shine. With its heart-warming stories and wealth of yoga information, this book will enlighten and educate.  A must-read for everyone who loves yoga.

Loung Ung, beginner yogi and author of First They Killed My Father, now a Netflix Original Movie directed by Angelina Jolie