Last month the EEOC published its new strategic enforcement plan, where it laid out its priorities for the year (for the next four years, actually).  It laid out a six point plan of areas on which it intends to devote its resources: hiring, protecting immigrants, attending to developing issues (a catch-all if I ever saw one), equal pay, preserving access to the legal system, and harassment.  We will see how these priorities play out over the coming months, but I can offer one solid tip now.  Make this resolution #1: harassment prevention.

Check your policies and procedures.  Do your training.  It’s easy to do (or hire someone like me to do), and will pay off big time.  If an issue arises, you will be in a great position to say “we did everything we could.”  The EEOC (and courts and juries, for that matter), are expecting this of you.