You’ve no doubt heard the tragic news emanating from Chardon, Ohio this week.  A student came to school in the morning, took out a gun in the cafeteria, and started shooting.  Five kids were shot, and three of the five have died.  It’s a horrific tragedy that’s making national news.  Jon Hyman over at the Ohio Employers Law Blog had a nice takeaway for employers yesterday: maintaining humanity in human resources.  Another one strikes me as well.  Many of the students who were at Chardon High School Monday morning knew what to do.  They hid in classrooms, ran out of harm’s way, and proceeded in a fairly orderly way to ensure their safety.  You see, they had practiced “lock down” drills many times before.  The school had a plan in place, communicated it repeatedly and trained on it.  So when tragedy struck, students and teachers were as prepared as anyone could be under the circumstances.  While it is certainly a sad state of affairs that schools need to engage in such drills, it is undoubtedly important.

HR should take note and make sure their organization has such emergency planning in place.  Publicize it, practice it, repeat.