This Wednesday, July 29th, Sindy and I will be presenting separately at the Cleveland HR Star Conference on Dealing with Problem Employees and The Golden Rules of Workplace Investigations.  The agenda for the Conference contains the following descriptions of our programs:

Dealing with Problem Employees
Sindy Warren, Esq.
Partner, Warren & Hays LLC

Every organization has them – employees who are not productive, who chronically complain, who engage in bullying behavior, or who are otherwise “problem employees.” Their effect on the entire workplace is all too well-known. They leave managers frazzled and frustrated. They intimidate others. They stimulate the proverbial grapevine, and they generally distract from the business at hand. This session will help you identify the various types of problem employees and – more importantly – it will provide you with practical advice for how to deal with them effectively. By attending, participants will gain the knowledge necessary to legally and successfully minimize the ill-effects of problem employees. Topics covered will include: avoidance through pertinent hiring practices, managing performance, applying disciplinary measures, terminating when necessary, and avoiding any legal landmines that might arise.

The Golden Rules of Workplace Investigations
Jennifer Hays Gorman, Esq.
Partner, Warren & Hays LLC

It is critical that employers respond promptly and thoroughly to employee complaints of harassment, discrimination and other unlawful workplace conduct. This session will take an in-depth look at what “prompt” and “thorough” really means as well as what the courts are now expecting. Attendees will walk away with a blueprint for effective and successful investigations, including tips on how to get the most from every witness and how to create bulletproof documentation. Additionally, this session will address:
• When the duty to investigate is triggered.
• How to define the scope and strategy of an investigation.
• The advantages and detriments of using investigators.
• The role of confidentiality, including privilege and work product issues.
• Appropriate interim measures.
• Keeping proper documentation.
Now more than ever courts and juries are scrutinizing workplace investigations, and they expect to see certain t’s crossed and i’s dotted. Even when litigation does result, the investigation still can be an employer’s best defense. Find out how an effective and well-executed investigation will help resolve workplace conflicts and minimize litigation risks by attending this incisive session.

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