On Friday, November 20th, Sindy and Jennifer will be speaking at the Taft 9th Annual Labor and Employment Law Update at the Embassy Suites Cleveland – Rockside on the topic of Dealing with Problem Employees.

Every organization has them – workers who are not productive, chronically complain, engage in bullying behavior, leave managers frazzled and frustrated, or are otherwise “problem employees.”  Their effect on the workplace is all too well-known.  They intimidate others, stimulate the proverbial grapevine, and generally distract from the business at hand.  Friday’s session will help identify the various types of problem employees and provide practical advice for how to deal with them.  We will provide employers with the knowledge necessary to legally and effectively minimize the effects of problem employees by not hiring them to begin with, managing their performance, applying disciplinary measures, and terminating them when necessary, all while avoiding any legal landmines that might arise.

Warren & Hays has helped employers with problem employees by training, conducting one-on-one sensitivity sessions, and mediating workplace dynamics.